US Anesthesia Partners Patient Notice

Patient Notice from US Anesthesia Partners of Tennessee

Dear Patient: 

You are receiving this notice because US Anesthesia Partners of Tennessee (USAP) is scheduled to provide anesthesia care for your upcoming procedure. We are currently out-of-network with Cigna, your health insurance plan. This means USAP does not have an agreement with your health plan’s network.

Although USAP is out-of-network, we expect Cigna to process your claim at the in-network benefit level for all services you receive at an in-network facility or if you are receiving anesthesia care for emergency services or post-emergency stabilization care.

USAP will honor how Cigna processes your claim (as explained in the explanation of benefits), or appeal on your behalf if Cigna pays an inadequate amount. You will not be balance billed.

We recommend you contact Cigna customer service for an estimate of your patient responsibility, including a reference number for future reference. You can call the number on your insurance card or the national Cigna customer service number at 800-997-1654.

USAP remains open to engaging Cigna to get back in-network at reasonable rates. In the meantime, you can also reach out to your employer or benefits administrator to contact USAP to set up a direct agreement for your individual case and/or all members of your plan. They can contact Brian McCort via email at or call the USAP Patient Advocacy team at 833-479-0697.

If you have any questions, please contact the USAP Patient Advocacy team at 833-479-0697.

Thank you,

USAP Tennessee
1801 West End Avenue, Suite 700
Nashville, TN 37203